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4 wheel drive problems

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I love my 05 4x4 Tundra Double Cab. However, have had 4x4 problems. Front differential broke in heavy snow, had replaced, then one week later broke again - same situation. Then in summer, front drive shaft broke. All were in 4-H. No problems since. Any ideas on what could be going on?
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I have an 05 DX 4x4 and I haven't had any problems. I only have 8800 miles on it with only about 500 or so in four wheel drive. It has been in some tough mud while driving logging roads. Its done a little climbing too. Some of the logging roads I've driven has been with a full bed of fire wood and it worked flawlessly.
I'm sorry to hear about your problem and to say the least it bothers me immensely. This puts doubt in my mind wheather this truck can take what I have in store for it. We'll see.
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