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4AGE 20V Distributor cap and ignition leads and spark plugs

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Hi all,
Im looking for this new things.

1)Distributor cap (part no.: 19101-16010)
2)Ignition leads (part no.: 90919-21520)
3)Spark plugs

Because my 4AGE 20V engine power is not so much what should be.

I found distributor cap only in Toyota. Its possible to use any other then original?Maybe from different car/engine?

Ignition leads from Toyota are too expensive in my country, are there any after-market?Or does any body know about some from NGK? (if yes..what part number from them?)

And for last.. spark plugs..can I use Denso Iridium IK20? Or what will be the best?(from Denso or NGK)

Thank you for your answers.
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I used the distributor cap from NAPA, they make good products. Dont forget the rotor.
This site might come in handy for you. It has a list of different part numbers which are suitable for both the ST and BT 4A-GE engines:

As for the ignition leads, there are quite a few brands who make aftermarket ones for the 4A-GE 20v (such as TopGun, Spitfire, Magnecor, Bosch etc). Although to be honest I wouldn't waste my money. The OEM ones are more than sufficient. I can get you some genuine TRD Japan ones (same diameter as OEM except they're red) but they're not very cheap. Personally, if you are planning to go aftermarket then I'd recommend going for Magnecor.

And as for the spark plugs, yes you can use Denso IK20. Or just stick to NGK BKR6EP11 or Denso 3128 :thumbsup:
@ 94PrizmDD : Thank you man, can you please send me part number from NAPA? Because I dont find it on their web pages. Thx.

@ Kiwi-Corolla : Thank you;)every time I want some help, you send me something useful:D you are awesome ;)
NGK spark plug wires arent very good. I didnt get a year out of the set I bought and others have echoed the same experience.

Denso and NGK are very good plugs. The only one to REALLY avoid is Bosch.

Denso and NGK are very good plugs. The only one to REALLY avoid is Bosch.
Seconded--I put a set of brand-new Bosch plugs in once and she actually started periodically misfiring. The mostly-disintegrated, oil-fouled NGKs were better than brand-new correctly gapped Bosch plugs.
i have no problems with my bosch platinum 4's. i got a set of nology wires that i'm yet to try on my car.
I'm gonna try to find the receipt. Ill get back to you. I actually just purchased these items on Saturday. I wanted to do a tune up since my cars been acting up.

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is that the correct dizzy cap? i thought it's like this for 20V?

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I have a 16v...oops didn't notice he had a 20v.
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