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4agze piston rings

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just building 4agze short block for turbo set up.. trying to find rings to upgrade stockers so far have not been able to find any.. if anyone could point me in the direction that be great.
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the ontario mr2 club president has a turbo mk1.....u should try tracking him down and asking him what his setup is...
Total Seal makes a set for the GZE, although people have had mixed results with them. Seems the key to seating them properly key is the honing the cylinder walls at the recommended angle.
thanks, got stock set from yota and top comp ring is too wide for land ??? ill try total seal.
called up total seal and they set me up with xtreme set for boosted engine..
havent recieved em yet tuesday. I hope there better fit than yotas!!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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