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4agze swap trouble (driveaxels)

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I have an ae101 levin gtz 4agze and tranny I am trying to swap into my ae92 corolla sedan. I am wondering if there is any other option instead of ordering levin gtz axels at least to get it working temporairly? Would poping a 4age tranny and driveaxels out of an 86 mr2 work? Any suggestions/solutions? I just want to get this working till winter then I can worry about ordering the proper axels while the car is in storage.
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Just use your existing tranny. The C50 works just fine.
i think you'd have no choice but to pull out the drive axles from another e58 tranny. the c-series tranny's axles won't fit in an e-series... and i'm not sure if the AW16 tranny axles will fit either.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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