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4AGZE Transplant

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How ya doing peeps
I'm thinking about doing a 4AGZE setup, stock setup.
What all do I need.
Any difference in the different types of the 4AGZE motors?
This is new territory 4 me as I just have a 4AGE and no one that I know of tried a direct transplant of a 4AGZE, most people use full management system and then turbo it. Still looking 4 a realiable conversion that is Y I want a complete transplant from a 4AGZE car to a Conquest (SA) ==> corolla hatchback.
A complete list of the contents/parts or resource I can look up on4 a standard 4AGZE will be much appreciated.:cool: :cool:
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yea their is alot of research you should do before you do this !
Hi peeps, I went through some of the 4AGZE posts and couldn't get exacly what I'm looking 4. The 4AGZE was never sold here in South Africa so it is uncharted territory. Nobody has a 4AGZE 4 me to have a look @ and all that. Do u peeps know of any websites that have technical info on da 4AGZE? I want to know what I must get to get it running in stock form, don't want any aftermarket goodies on it. The reason why I'm asking is that a family member is in New Zealand and I need to get a list of all the sensors, wiring harnesses and stuff 4 him to try and get 4 me to start the project. Thanx again and I'll do some searching via the web aswell and any info you peeps got will be appreciated to the MAX.:D and tech_pages/4A-GZE all things considered.htm

club 4ag is a great site but is more dedicated to the ae86 chassis
you should be able to dig up some old threads here on this forum as well feel free to search around and read up and even ask questions should you have any and those who have the experience should have an answer for you ;)
try to PM "" (jover) hes running a 4agze in his 86 coupe... mayb he can help u out more... good luck
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