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4e-fte help

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Hello guys

First, Welcome to me cuz Im new in the forum =).

Hellp I just installed my 4efte, with a front mount, boost control and Fuel regulator (its running on 10 PSI =).

Well the problem is I bought the Fuel/Air the lights one (Not wideband with numbers)
I really dont know exactly i have to put the sensor.

Actually I wanna know how the in the meter have to be the colors are Red/Orange/Gren.

This is the one i got.

Please guys help me =)

Luis Olivo
Republica Dominicana
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Install the sensor down stream from the turbo around the downpipe area, before the catalytic converter or where it would be if you removed it. You should be in the orange with that meter or Stoich.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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