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4E-FTE Mods

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Hi, I was just wondering, what mods are available for the 4E-FTE engine?

I saw someone with a different turbo on it, T9 or something? Not the CT9 though...

So basically, what kinda mods am I looking at here, not just for the turbo, but for the whole engine in general?


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Oh my... Did you get the swap? Are you contemplating the swap???

I can rattle off some mods, such as:

8.5mm Magnecor Plug Wires
DENSO Iridium plugs
Lightweight underdrive pulley
Sterico FMIC
MSD Ignition system
HKS Emanage
HKS Fuel cut defender
Apexi TurboTimer

Boy, that's over $1500 in mods I just named... The plugs and plug wires alone are going to be over $100. The FMIC done right can be upwards of $500 (including pipes). Geeze... Hope you have a deep pocket.:lol:
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Hold on LBT, your selling those mods??? If so why??? An whats up with the light weight pulley? Doesnt that conflict with the harmonica balancers duties?


Oh Trevor, all of the mods above will practially do it. NOW if your pockets ARE deep, a stage 3 Turbo Kit which gurantees 200+WHP, courtesy of BYP (Back Yard Productions) will be you last stop for mods! I could go on!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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