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4Runner aircon dilemma New Bloke

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G/Day! From Downunder,

Can anyone help with some advice on Aircon in my 1992 4Runner Diesel (3L Motor)?

I purchased the car two weeks ago. The seller assured me that the condenser was the only thing missing; he had it removed when it came adrift and caused damage to the radiator, and never replaced it == yeah we've all heard that before!

Anyway, the spare parts (recycler) blokes tell me there is a dryer as well as a condenser normally mounted in front of the looks like I am up for both these parts but want to make sure there is nothing else I need.

Can anyone help with advice please?

I'm desperate to get the aircon working and want to get all the parts together and then have an aircon specialist just instal them, regas etc..

Is there 1 or two electric fans attached to the assembly?
How is the assembly positioned and fixed in front of the radiator?

What I have at the moment is two pipes sealed with duct tape to exclude dirt, one either side and just forward of the radiator.

Everything seems in place elsewhere, Compressor etc.

Any detailed info would assist me greatly.


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Is there anyone out there?
Give a newbie a hand?
Don't be shy.
cant help with the problem, but aurbun eh, in sydney?
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