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4Runner SR5 Manual Transfer Case

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Would anyone have some information on how the transfer case works on this model. What are the selectable positions that you can use on this transfer case? When you are in 2 wheels drive, the power is transmitted to the rear wheels, isn't it! So I would really appreciate any info that would clarify how this transfer case works.


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There are two main types of transfer cases. Part time, and full time.

Full time is AWD where power is split between the axles. You can lock the axles for better traction offroad, and for added torque there is a 4wd lo option.

Part time is rwd/2wd until you lock the axles in either 4hi or 4lo. You cannot lock the axles on pavement or you risk binding the drive train. It's to be used off road, or on slick snow covered roads, or loose road surfaces such as gravel.

I prefer the full time system, as you have traction all the time. Especially when roads aren't fully snow covered you get the added piece of mind. The downside is that a full time transfer case in most cases, has no rwd/2wd option.

There is no difference in fuel savings with a part time system over full time, as the front axle still turns with the tires/wheels. The front axle is merely not under power. Which is also why I prefer the full time system.

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