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Just like some advice from those who have modded their vehicles:
(I'd be especially grateful to hear from those who have supercharged their rides.)

Location: Toronto, Canada
Ride: 4Runner 1996 Ltd.

1.) I'm planning to supercharge my 4Runner, but I'd like to know whether the insurance would void my insurance since I modded my ride.

2.) Now assuming I told them about the mod, I'm probably going to face a major premium hike. Does anyone know of an insurance company that doesn't jack up the price for modded vehicles? :confused:

3.) Does anyone know whether it's better to have a dealership install a TRD supercharger? Or should I find the parts and try to custom supercharge my vehicle?
(i.e. which will the insurers like more? any difference?)

Thanks for the help!

oh BTW... if anyone knows of a good car insurance company in Toronto, please let me know.

Many Thanks! :)
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