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I want to thank all of you who posted answers for my
problem of getting the crankshaft pulley bolt off....

thankyou :D

with that said I was able to remove the bolt finally and
with great satisfaction. how I finally did it....

This is my 3rd attempt, I took a heat gun since I didnt
have a torch to heat up the bolt, I knew that I might melt
oil seal so I was aprehensive about leaving the heat on
the bolt...

I also fabricated a holding device for the crankshaft
pulley, using some hard wood I drilled 2 holes for 8m 125 bolts
and in the center of the those holes I drilled out bigger hole
to put 19mm socket on the pulley bolt.

Laying the wood ontop of the driveshaft I was able to stop
the pulley from turning allowing myself to apply total body
pressure to the breaker bar with 2 hands and my feet up
on the driveshaft for leverage. didnt work...i did bend up 8mmbolt..well I got mad and put the breaker bar on the bolt
and layed it on the driveshaft and after a little consideration of
what might happen I cranked the starter after I removed the
high lead from the ignition coil... :cool: and briefly cranked the engine.. it worked hehehe man that was easy ...
and I didnt break anything now thats :cool:
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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