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This may not be the place but I haven't gotten any help in the camry forums yet for this issue. Does anyone here know how to remove the dash from a 97-01 camry or have a link to information on how to do this? I need to get it apart and I don't want to disturb the airbags when I do it. I have the lower half out and most of the mounting for the upper half but some screws and bolts are eluding me.

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i dont have anything official taking the whole dash is a pita...

the drivers side is simple after you get the column cover/shroud off..

and i think the passenger side is held on by 2 or 4 bolts to the dash behind the vinyl
you can reach once you have the glove box and etc out from underneath the pass side.

you will probably want to undo the bolts next to the door. and the little cig tray lighter section to your center console assem,

it easier to reach behind the dash when you can pull the bottom up/out. to get it away from the support beam across/behind the dash

once unhooked you pull the airbag assembly out from the face.

sorry to don't have much info i took out my dash after an accident and def broke a few tabs getting the dash panel completely out.

however getting them out isn't hard. just unhook your battery. SRS fuses, and unplug the bags. take them out....(the bright yellow wires/wire wrap are the airbag wires)

then remove your dash however you see fit.

there is a lot more little screws and whatnot behind the dash than what it seems.
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