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4WD corolla GTS!!

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So I was thinking the other day how cool would it be to have a 4wd GTS........I was thinking of throwing an all-trak engine in the car anyways.........first thought is just buy an all-trak.....but I like my GTS...and I have a 4wd corolla i was thinking of just pulling the drive shaft outta that and put it in the GTS......
Im no auto expert but does anyone think that the drive shaft would fit under the GTS???
Or shoudl I just buy an all-trak?orange :cool:
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Well.. with some customization it should fit. that would be badass tho :D
Well, get underneath and check! I would LOVE to see this done.
it's been done, actually..... don't remember where, but i do know somewhere in the US someone was mating an ae92 drivetrain to an ae92 gts body.....
that would be sick... I'd love to see an ae92 gts awd...
but what i wouldnt give to have my old rally car back... was an AE101 awd with $3k worth of drivetrain mods so u could disengage the front diff... that thing would drift something cruel :)
One friend in Richmond Quebec used to race an AE92 AWD sedan with a 7AGE smallport in the local rallysprints.

It basically saw a few events then retired itself...
just a FYI, the ae92 & ae96 had a 60 front 40 rear distribution which was locked
Is the AE96 the AWD wagon model number?
Okay the the drive shaft outta my wagon should fit right??? What about a celica all-trak engine...think that would bolt in as well with little trouble? (what do they call that engine..ex corolla GTS= 4age..whats the celica code?):p:
it will fit... but it will need some modification... correct me if im wrong, but i thing the celica's have the 3s-ge, hence the gearbox and engine mounts wont line up..
the ae96 is the later years of the wagon.... when the headlights and hood changed (but before the ae102 wagons)
Snip3r said:
(what do they call that engine..ex corolla GTS= 4age..whats the celica code?):p:
3S-GTE 2.0 litre turbo-charged
not really sure but there is actually an ae92 sedan that is 4wd....i think i have seen it on the road couple of times....and even on WRC the ol school ae92 sedans
I live in a town of about 80 000 people...Prince george BC.....what kind of shop should I bring my car two...too see what kind of modifications I will need to do to mount the 3S-GTE (celica motor) to my corolla!!
Maybe I will skip the 4wd conversion...probaly too much work...and not really worth it.
You would need all new custom motor mounts to put a 3S-GTE in an AE92.
will that be hard?
Sure, it will be hard and expensive.

Besides the motor-mounts, you will need to find axels that will work, and a tranny. Plus you have to have the full wiring harness and ecu.
But people have put lots of engines into cars that should not have them, it's all about time and money and patience. If you have them and you really wan't to do something, anything can be done.
If you want to go a simpler, cheaper route, then stick with an a-series engine.
I should be able though to find an engine with full wiring harness...and ECU right?
and I may as well get an all-trac tranny......
So really all I would need is a good fabricator to make me an engine mount right? Im sure there is sombody in town that knows what there doing. Whats wrong with using the ae92 axels?
and what is a "a-series" engine? I just want the most amount of HP for the least amount of cash.
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