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Hi all..

This isn't strictly a Celica question (but don't start throwing rocks just yet)

I have a stock 94 Curren (ST207) so it's running a 3S-FE and 4WS.

I have a fault with my 4WS, and the guys at the local dealership plugged their diagnosing computer thing into it and told me that my 'Steering Converter' is poked and I need a new one. Then they charged me a small fortune for the pleasure of a 10 minute job.

As I understand things, the Curren and Celica are fundamentally the same on the inside, and I'm hoping that this applies to the wiring layout as well!

The dealers can get me a new steering converter for $2k (yeah right) or a second hand one for $300 plus labour and freight.

The fault was intermittent to start out, got worse, and is now permanent. Not such a big deal, except that the rear rack has a variable throw, and the mechanism has turned completely over so now I have 4WS that operates in the wrong direction - i.e. the back wheels turn right (instead of left) when I turn right etc. Not good!

My plan is to find this control unit and have a look for dry joints and ring cracks on the circuit board (after talking to an auto-electrical guy he says that at least 40% of this sort of fault is due to one of those two things). The unit isn't completely dead because it still changes mode when I hit the button (it lags a bit between the button press, and the light coming on, so the signal must be going somewhere on the way to the light)

Unfortunately my electrical guy hadn't seen this fault in a Curren or Celica before, so couldn't help with where to find the unit. His only advice was to keep pulling off trim until I find it..

Having pulled most of the dash apart and found lots of clearly labeled units, but not the one I'm after, I thought I'd ask here and see if anyone knows where to look for the 'Steering Converter' in a 4WS Celica, and hope that it's in the same or similar spot in my car.

Thanks for any ideas!
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