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FS Item(s) Description:
One full set of BBS E30 basketweaves in 14x6 ET30, 4x100, size in mint condition with 195/65/14 tires, in equally good condition, with lots of tread left.

2 wheels have Goodyear Eagle GT II tires mounted, and the other 2 have generic Motomaster SE tires. These are honestly fantastic tires, as i've flogged a car with a set of these before and they worked well. Great for a daily driver that gets pounded on occasionally..

The wheels are by far the cleanest set of 20 year old wheels i have ever seen. It is incredible. BMW has a tendency to make center caps that don't withstand the elements, so the emblems aren't in 10/10 condition, more a 6/10. But the pictures tell everything. There is one nick on a lip. ONE!

Just looking to get what I have into them!

Asking Price:

Niagara Falls, Etobicoke

Text me at 289 686 2313 (or call but text preferrably)
email me at - [email protected]

The damaged one, compared to a valve stem cap.

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