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4X4 Pops out??

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I have an 02 Taco 4X4. I noticed over the winter that my front diff would disengage itself. I would put it in four wheel drive and even on slight turns it would pop out of gear (mostly while turning though). I would hear a clunk (quite loud) and my (floor) shifter would jump from four to two wheel drive by itself. So now I use my front diff as absolutely little as possible. Any ideas?
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you do have matching sized tires front and back dont you?
I have the same problem with my 99...but I have 35's and a total of 9inches of lift. If anyone has a fix for this I would too be greatly thankful
I do have matching tires front and back although they are 285/75R16 (32-33 inch ) and a three inch lift (coil spacers and blocks -i know). I was thinking it may have to do with the front differential drop spacers I put in (they are slightly over an inch like by an 1/8", most that are sold are 1 inch I think).

One guy said to me that the shifter probably ain't seating right? but this doesn't seem very logical to me, maybe im wrong

it also feels tight like binding almost, if that makes any sense ( I know it is supposed to feel a little rough on dry pavement but this even happens on snow covered roads and it seems a little to rough)

I think its a three inch lift, the blocks where 3 inchs on their longest side i believe and spacers where like just over 2 I think. It sat level when I put it on. ( I took it off an older tacoma)
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