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Alright, I will admit that I don't do much 4X4. I have used it only 3 or 4 times. It worked, but not sure that I did it right and don't feel confident with it. Can someone please explain the process of engaging the 4X4 and the VSC control. Have a 2004 and typically only use it for fishing on the beach. Usually only driving under 30 mph or so.
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I'm not the expert but here's my understanding. I have an 02 Limited 4x4 and all you really have to do is press the 4x4 button on the center console. That will get you into 4x4 High. To get to the low range you need to shift the lever down next to the tray, above the sidewindow adjustment panel and shift the lever to 4L, while in Neutral.
You only need to go into VSC off if you are really in a jam and need it off to get grip on all 4 wheels.
I'm not the expert but i have used mine every year when living in VA for driving in the snow but rarely use 4L. I did use 4L when pulling a tractor out of the sand here in FL. That was a sight!!!
There are some 4x4 forums and literature out on the web that would have more indepth instruction that may be helpful. Hopefully, if I have strayed here, someone will chime in.

Happy 4x4'ing... :banger:
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