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5 ch amp ?

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I've been persuing the possibility that my right side channel issues are in fact stemming from my phoenix gold ti200. I believe that the right channel has gone bad. I was thinking about killing two birds with one stone and getting a five channel amp so it could run my components in the doors and feed the new 8 I am thinking about putting in the rear deck. Ifound this amp ( on ebay pretty cheap and was wondering what anyone might know about it. It's made by DEI and I love their 600d mono so I trust the company. please let me or tell me some other companies whose 5 channels fail to suck:lol:
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Thats a pretty good price. Other companies to look for that are fairly low priced would be hifonics and jbl, but I don't think you'll find any 5 ch amps better than that price.
if you gonna use the amp for subs don't do it.
i would use only the mono channel for a single jl w3v2 eight. DEI claims that the mono channel on that amp is the same as their 300d directed amp. I have a 600d and it is a top quality amp so if it is the same I would trust it. do you know anything additional about the viper amps, or are you just cautioning me against using a/b amps to run subs?
I believe the new Directed Xtreme line carries a 5 channel amp as well (not too sure). They're priced to the budget market.
PPI_PRESION POWER MY BROTHER.......:thumbup: :thumbup:
are you trying to simplify by a 1 amp system? Save some money and get something better.

I saw this, thought you might like:
that's a nice amp for sure, I'm actually not sure what I want to do now. I've decided that I am going to get two 8s, either the koda 8s or directed 8's , and then either add an amp to run them or go with a 5 or six channel to replace my PG ti200. I already have my directed 600d pushing the subs and that is working out great, they pound and sound tight in their new fiberglass homes. I'll be posting pics when everything is done, I just have to figure out a couple of key things first, mostly, how much room is there on/in the rear deck and can I make those kodas fit, and how much money do I have for this now/ and soon
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