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5 Lug Tercel, Paseo?

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I wanted to know if anyone knows how to convert a Tercel into 5 lugs.:confused:
Perhaps maybe from another toyota,:cool:
or even another car brand.:rolleyes:
I'm open for ideas that may lead to a swap.;)

I want to do this because I want be able to try one of these toyota factory rims. (Example the scion tc 5 lug 17 inch rims) :thumbsup:
I seems toyota is making 16 and 17 inch factory rims that are only 5 lugs:disappoin

I have found these spacers online that convert 4 lugs into 5 lugs, but I feel this method is not 100% safe.:ugh3:
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Look at the mr2 spyder for large factory 4 lug rims.
mr2 rims

That was a pretty cool idea.:cool:

But not the size rim.:D
I want to go 17!:thumbsup:

I've seen 5 lugs done on three Tercels.;)
Does anyone know how to do this?:help:
Why not just get some TRD rims for a Yaris? They are bigger and will bolt up with no problem.
trd yaris rims

Why not just get some TRD rims for a Yaris? They are bigger and will bolt up with no problem.

19 inch trd rims for yaris are look great,:cool:
but a little tight on paseo and tercel.:eek:

maybe some 17 inch, 4 lug trd rims.:whatwhat:

I'm still willing to do the 5 lugs on tercel if anyone can share any ideas.:D
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Are there any 17 that will fit Tercel with the toyota or the TRD logo?:confused:
TRD has some for the Yaris that are 16 inch, but you won't find them in the TRD North America catalog...
TRD has some for the Yaris that are 16 inch, but you won't find them in the TRD North America catalog...

Well that's not good.:disappoin
Well that's not good.:disappoin

5 lug Tercel must be really difficult to do.:rolleyes:

So far there have been some really good ideas.:thumbsup:

Any other suggestions?:confused:
I want to convert Tercel into 5 lugs :help:
Why are you stuck on 17's? They will ride like a stagecoach due to the lower profile tire you'll have to run. 16's would look and ride better IMO, probably handle better too. If you just want the big-wheel look though, then go for it :)
Well then I suppose that no one can come up with 5 Lugs on a Tercel.:disappoin
But the others were really great ideas.:thumbsup:
I should be looking foward to them.:D

Someone had metioned a machine shop.:confused:

But another source told me not to do it, because a company did it for a while and 4 customers wheels had come apart from the vehicle while it was in motion.:ugh3:

THE HORROR!!!:eek:

If I find an effective, and safe way to do five lugs, (such as a swap) I will post it.;)

I get the feeling I will take the good advice.:)
Questions, Comments or If you just wanna add something, I will reply.:cool:
I think I will be moving forward on starlet 4 lug rear disc brakes.:thumbsup:
Its gotta be safer than 5 machined lugs.:whatwhat:
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Please POST if anyone knows a way of converting Tercel or Paseo into 5 lugs.
You can swap out the front hubs but the backs must be redrilled. Good luck, it's not a safe idea.
Correct me if I'm wrong.
Don't 5 lugs hold better than 4
The DragOnFly Tercel is cool, :cool:
but how did he do that.:confused:
A flange with 5 holes is better than 4 yes. A flange with 8 holes in it using 5 is compromised. GT_REVVA built dragonfly and I'm not sure what method he used. He's very experienced with custom work and fabrication.
If Tercel and Corolla share the same platform; would a rear supension swap be possible?:whatthe:
Corolla 4 lug hubs can be easily swap into 5 lug hubs.:yawn:
I really haven't put this on paper.:blah:
Has anyone tried this before?:whatwhat:
think it could work?:worship:
Could work sure, bolt in, not. Keep in mind a Corolla is several inches wider than a Tercel. 1 person has made an IRS rear suspension setup for a Tercel. This 1 person hasn't been heard from since the test drive. Try it if you want but carry a laptop so you can report from a hospital if it goes bad.
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