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It’s been well over a decade since the Toyota Supra was last produced, so where is its successor?

The Toyota Supra played an important role in making the Japanese automaker a true competitor in the sports car space. Even after all these years, the Supra’s 2JZ twin-turbo engine is one of the most sought-after engines by import race car builders, with the potential of rivaling even the GT-R when it comes to power output. In fact, some would say the Supra was well before its time now that we have entered an age where so many cars come with turbocharged powerplants straight from the factory.

But Toyota took a backseat in the performance world and has focused on hybrids and other alternative powertrain vehicles instead. Despite years of rumors that the company is working on a new Supra, it has never come out and plainly said or confirmed that, “A Supra successor is coming.” There is, however, plenty of reasons to believe one is in development.
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