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Im in the middle of coverting my 2001 pickup 2wd from 5 to 6 lugs, i have acquired hubs and spindels form a 2002 2wd Hiace (Granvia, Regius?) and i will use the rear axle from a
1985-1995 Hiace 4x4 (if the axle width is correct as it should be)

for most of you that are not familiar with the Hilux (pickup) after 1995, they are more or less the same form 1989 to 2005, pre 1998 have the 2.4D 2L(2) and after 1998 it has 2.4TD 2LT(2) in the 4wd and nonturbo in 2wd it also has a minor facelift both on exterior and interior, but 2002-2005 have a front facelift and the 2.5TD D4D engine.

Anyways what i am after is someone that have done this conversion on a 1989 to 95 or newer Hilux, I can confirm the spindels with hubs spindles brakes etc. form the 2wd Hiace fits in the front, my issue starts when i comes to the Belltech 2" drops spindles and that is since they are designed for use of OEM brakeparts for the 2wd Hilux.

The calipers form the Hiace dont fit the Belltech, but using the brakes from the Hiace will be an upgrade since they are 286mm diameter and 28mm thick and also vented and OEM for 2wd Hilux is 257 mm diameter and 25mm thick its not much but still upgrade;)

I have now started looking for the possibility of using calipers and rotors form 4Runner (Surf) with the 3.0TD 1Kz-t or the 3.0L 3VZ-E which have 4 piston calipers and the rotors are 289mm diameter but only 20mm thick, but then again i can get drilled and slotted rotors if a want :cool:

With all that being said i have yet not tried the OEM 2wd calipers with the new hubs and rotors but i doubt it will fit with all the other data i have collected.

The main reason for this conversion is because the marked for rims are much better and have the right offset, all the 5x114.3 (5x4.5) the wrong offset i need 0-20mm but the marked is 40-45

adding some photos of the spindles in case any of you are wondering, was not able to take a photo of the hubs mounted so you could se the issu with the calipers. ill add it if some one is interested.

keep in mind the lower ball-joint mount is are the same distance from the edge of the table so you can see the difference

First photo is Leftside Belltech and Leftside Hiace Spindle
Font Gas Art Auto part Metal

second photo is Leftside Belltech and Rightside Hiace so you see the difference in the tabs for mounting the caliper
Gas Font Art Automotive tire Metal

Third photo you have Belltech (Hilux) caliper tab measure 100mm.
Automotive tire Wood Font Fixture Gas

Fourth photo Hiace caliper tab measure 140mm.
Wood Gas Font Auto part Metal
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