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Hey guys,
I've lurked here for over a year (first poster :rolleyes:) and I have a 2008 double cab 4x4 off road. Everything is still stock and I read the 133 page thread on the 5100 question is one that I don't think has been asked. My truck is my daily driver and I'm very worried about long term drivability and dependability. I'm planning on driving this thing 150k+ at least and I want to know how it will respond to having the 1.75' 5100 lift over the next 5-7 years and 120k miles. I wheel some but don't really thrash it too hard since its my DD. Many thanks to Toku for the quality overview of lifting our trucks.

Looking for any of you 5100 bilstein veterans to give some feedback on (preferably the 1.75 setting) the following:

1. How many miles/months have you had the 5100s?

2. Is the ride quality consistent with when you first installed it? If not, how long until the vibes set in?

3. Any negative side effects after a year or two with running the 5100s at 1.75"?

4. How long until the front springs started to sag, if at all?

5. Are you confident that this 1.75" set up will last you the life of the truck, assuming you replace the front shocks when they are shot?

Thanks again for all replies in advance - I searched through everything I could find and 99% of the reports were immediately after install (other than from a guy named wea5el who did measurements after 12 months which was helpful). I'm looking for more feedback since these things have been around over 2 years now...Sorry that my first post is such a big one :rolleyes:

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I do not have Bilsteins but I will be buying the 5100's shortly. Having said that, I have yet to find a shock that will last 150K without a deteriorating ride quality over time.

Not quite the answer you're looking for, just adding a general observation.
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