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5efe adjustable cam gears...

Paseo5647(from is trying to set up a group buy for 5efe cam gears. he's going to contact AEM,HKS, etc to see if theres a manufacturer out there to develope them for the 5efe. he told me to let u guys know that he's trying his best to get this up and running for both the tercels and the paseos, and the starlets.

here's what he sent me:

Hey, I think I want to try to get some kind of group buy for adjustable cam gears from AEM or one of those companies going. Even if it doesn't work, it's worth a try to do it. But since you stay in contact with the Tercel forum and all that, maybe you could inform them as well. I believe the adjustable cam gears would also work on Tercel's, so it could be a nice way to try to get a group buy going. That way there would be a lot more people to try to do this. Sound like an idea or anything. I'm contacting AEM, HKS, Skunk2, and a few other companies tomarrow to ask them about details. If you have AIM, hit me up at treflip5647. Or else just let me know what you think. Thanks.

as far as pricing goes..don't ask yet, cause we don't have the product created yet. this is just a heads up to everyone.
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