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I found a same-model-year ECU for my tercel in the hopes that some of the mapping would be better than the 3EE stuff. The car just doesn't feel like it should after making the same modifications as I have done to other Toyota engines. I have ported the head slightly, free flowing air cleaner, and booosted the fuel pressure to get back into closed loop. My other cars run very well, pass smog easily, get great mileage...

I have run the 5EFE ecu, but get a check engine, with no codes thrown, car is a 93, ecu the same, manual trans.

Does anyone here have any experience with this setup?

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Get a 5efe wiring harness 93/94 model along with the 5efe injectors and see if that will help.
All there really is to change is the injectors to make the 5efe run on a 3ee harness.

Those injectors will fit in the 3ee rail and also you will need to wire the distributor to the 5efe harness.
That is why the check engine light stays on.
It's looking for another signal from the 3ee distributor the 5e distributor won't work with the 3ee head.
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