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5S-FE situation (help please)

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5S-FE situation (help please) **UPDATE W/vid**

I took off my insurance on my Solara about two weeks ago, and plan to leave it off till beginning of March. (saving up money - so I've been driving my moms car, she says its ok)I had my Solara sitting in back of my driveway for about two weeks now, started her up this aftermoon to warm it up, drive it back and forth in driveway a bit to take off rust off new rotors, get it movin a bit.

Its not garaged, and its around 35-38f during daytime to 25-whatever night time.

I had the battery disconnected and in the basement ontop of a shelf.

Here's the prob:

During my warm up, when the car was completly warm, it IDLED around only 400rpm's, and the car vibrated/shook pretty bad. I looked under the hood, and oh man, never seen the engine shake that much! Sounded and looked like it was runnin outa breath...

The 4-cly only has 34,000 miles on it, year 2000.

Odd, but you guys know whats wrong? :dunno:

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There's nothing wrong with it other than sitting there for so long.. give it gas dude. :)

BTW I hope you didn't put it away because of winter... I hardly call 38-25F "winter" :ugh3: :lol:
Seafoam might help the low rpm. My car used to shake pretty bad when the front motor mount was broken. The engine lifted up when I would put it into reverse
my car has idled pretty low as well in cold temps and warm temps before, i also have a 5sfe

when i would crank up the car, it would die out if i didnt even it gas...(happened a couple of times)

so i cleaned the throttle body with some carb cleaner, and the problem is now gone

now the car starts up pretty well, no problems at all now :)

GL ~
well, I just went out and tried it again...

its still hitting around 400rpm's at idle when fully warmed.

I took off the stock intake and the throttle body still looks clean. No gunk. (only 34,000miles)

I'll warm her up tomorrow again and see if anything. If the prob is still there, I'm putting her back on insurance and driving. I think, cause she hasn't been driven, she gets

Lol. I took it off of insurance because I know I'm not gonna be going any where since school is out, and I don't start work until March or April. My insurance is high, so I tried to save money. My new Brembo blanks are starting to rust too and they're new!!! *Sighs... I need her back on the road...

update tomorrow
you should prolly try cleaning the TB anyways, since the area with the IAT and behind the butterfly plate could have stuff in there that you cant see
My car idles rough after sitting in the cold weather. I think it needs to be driven around. Dry gas can help too. Water in the tank (or just condensation can make it idle rough or worse-stall.)
Regardless just clean the TB and seafoam the car. Start with that, if problem still persists then bring it to a professional.
Here's the VID

Well, third time is the charm aye? WEll, I took a quick vid from my digital camera (not camcorder)

Funny thing is. It was STILL shaking and idling at 400rpms when warmed...

As soon as the camera stopped recording, I heard the engine RPM's RISE for now reason then the engine came back to NORMAL!!! No shaking. Idling around 600rpms now...

THEN and ONLY then I realized, when I put away the car, I usually take the battery out, so it won't die. (Happened to me 4 times already, so I tried to be smart this time)

So, with the battery out, that means the ECU was restarted. And I assume, the engine JUST NOW, just this morning finally got used to the car and readjusted it self.

Tomorrow ONE more time to make sure, but prob went away!!! :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup:
Here's the link to what it looked like while vibrating~ And when u see the alternator, thats not me shaking the camera, thats the actual engine shaking that bad~

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i have a 3s-fe\/(in meh 90 camry) and i let it sit for a while too. I was having the same problem until I swapped the plugs and the wireset. (later i found that it had a bad coil so i had weak spark n e way) but it would knock like a [email protected]$#%[email protected][email protected]#% at idle all the way up to bout 3 to 3.2k rpms

so it might just be a wet distributor
ah nm after seeing the video i realised i wasent talking outta my mouth. n e was it sounds like valvetrain noise kinda. sorry that im no help
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