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5sfe balance shaft question

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i have heard off removing the balance shaft ass'y and leaving out the whole thing can someone clarify this good or bad and what to do? also have spare engine for sale 290,000 miles on it needs to be rebuilt.what about a diy on parking light mod like on the silver streak at the thanks guys:)
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we left the harmonic balancer out of my Camry.. you gotta plug up the oil feed line that goes to it. we threaded the oil feedline and put a small bolt in it, so far its been good.. nothing weird but my engine is fully balanced so if you are just taking it out without balancing the engine you might and alot more vibration :).

we had one space monkey that wanted to try it, but then he backed down, will you be our new test subject?
i,m going to do it,ripp said it would free up some power,but i'm not sure about the oil feed lines someone make a offer on engine.and i'm not talking about harmonic balancers but about the crank balance ass'y in the oil pan. all input greatly appreciated
well whatever you call it, we called it a harmonic balancer :rolleyes: but yea its the big unit that mounts onto the crank shaft and spins with crank and counter weights the crank and everything else connected to it to reduce vibrations right ? yea that thing.. we removed it and plugged up the oil feed line.

thanks senior buddy,but did u notice a power gain?how bad is the vibration?is it worth the trouble?whats up on gen3 projector lights diy or for sale,by the way i'm new here and i own a 93 LE with a 107,000 on a new motor installed by yours truly,anyboby done a 5 speed conversion if so, i would love to here about it
i dont know how the vibration is without having your engine balanced, im pretty sure itll be worse though ehehe. as far as power gain i cant really tell yet since im still in the middle of breaking in my engine. by the look of the balancer it should free up some noticable gain and if not it would let the crank assembly spin more freely resulting in a faster rev response. i wouldnt recommend removing the balancer without having your engine fully balanced but its up to you to find out how worse the vibration will be without the balancer on a stock engine.. its not that hard to remove it but you do have to plug up that oil feedline that goes to it :).

just take plenty yof pics once you do it
good to hear man, post up them pics
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