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5sfe Manual swap?

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What are my options? I am looking to swap to manual trans, with doing so i need all hardware for gen 4 5sfe. Is there any suggestions that people can give,i've had difficulty with TN search engine, the keyword software brings up to much other junk. I am curious if anyone knows how to bypass the ECU programming for the Auto trans.

I am taking this as the first step to serious modifications to my 5afe.
While i try to locate a donor car I will most likely modd other not so important areas, I am trying to make slight improvements over stock, but i think at this point the most important first step to take would be manual swap.
I've got it looking decent now is time for some real moddifications

Tips and links to previous articles would be very helpful. thank you
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I am curious if anyone knows how to bypass the ECU programming for the Auto trans.
There are ways to wire it, but the best way is get the manual ECU. You should try to find a gen4 with a good manual trans but blown engine or rear ended or something and buy it as a parts car. Then you not only have everything you need, you also seee exactly how it goes on.

You need:

Shifter Cables/shifter assembly
Wiring harness
Manual charcoal canister

That's actually I can think of...
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Im aware of all the parts involved. I wasnt aware of any differences in transmissions and charcoal canisters. Not sure why i would need to swap that.
I've seen a thread where some one set up some capacitors and resistors to fool the shift solenoids but that was on the gen 3's.

whats the intchangability like? I am able to take parts from gen 3 and swap it in? Bell housing should fit. clutch mastercylinders, shifter assemblies and pedals, are they intechangeable?
No clue about interchangeability. You can fool the ECU...but it's easier to just buy one.

The automatic charcoal canister will not clear the shift linkages.
This is actually how I did it. I still am using my stock auto ECU but am having to trouble codes.
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