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I have a 94 camry, with oil level light(orange oil can with squiggly line under) allmost randomly going on/off.

Its been like this for a year and ive allways thought the sensor was broken, i check oil level with dipstik regularly so i have control over oil level.

But ive noticed a pattern now:
When the light comes on and i rev engine to about 3000 rpm the light allways dissapears, and yesteday i was drivin through a corcscrew tunnel(long right corner) and the light lit up and dissapeard when it leveled out. it might just be a conincidence.
Light only come on when engine is hot, never on cold engine, usually just after engine reaches normal temperature. When light comes on and i stop engine and restart imidiately, the light is off.

So could the sensor acually be ok and the oil level in pan fluctuates?

possible causes i can think of is that the oil acumulates in the top of engine(sludged return passage maybe)?

can the revving/start-stop of engine cause vibrations that shake sensor back in place?

This is a european camry, i think US camrys dont have oil level sensor only oil pressure, ive NEVER seen oil pressure light do anything but normal.

Anyone got any ideas or have similar problems?

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Well going around the corkscrew was just the force sloshing the oil below the sensor probably. I can make my cars brake and oil light come on doing corners too.

I think it's either that sensor (I'd try replacing this first) or the oil pump not pumping and giving you enough pressure.
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