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Hi, okay I have been using the search function and looking at TONS of information on the 5SFTE. I got everything down except for the oil and coolant lines. I will be Using a CT26 and a 5SFE oil pan, which I need a fitting to be welded in. Anyways.. My problem is when I read all the information, its hard for me to retain unless I see it or have extremely detailed instructions. The oil lines are a brief discussion, nothing big about them.

So I was wondering if you guys could explain what I need for the oil and coolant lines and what sizes etc. I would need to cool the turbo and oil it up. I go the fact you use the sensor in the head. Also pics are great... :cool:

I read and searched for the last few weeks, still havent retained that info, so please dont tell me to search, lol thanks :thumbup:

Ill be in Miami, so when i come back i want to see good info! lol :lol:

btw - I also read and reread the sticky, lol.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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