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5sfte question

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the o2 sensor off the 5sfe will not work. i am probly going to need the tubo sensor off the the all trac right. Can some on give me a full parts list for the 5sfte. i have a lot just need to see if i am missing any thing. And is it going to better to us the 315cc injectors or the 440cc injectors. i am only going to run about 6 to 7psi.
thanks for help.
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What ecu are you going to use?
If you use the 5S one, you need that O2 sensor. NOT the 3SGTE one.

Check this out.
on my set up i have the 02 sensor on a bung welded to the pipe right after the d/p. if you get a after market tubular d/p they usually have a second bung for a wide band o2 sensor and this can be used for the second 02 sensor. Also remember that the wires will have to be cut an extended to reach the holes.

As for injectors 440cc is what u should have.
Actually, from what I've read, you want SUPRA 315cc inj.
Check out that link.
315cc is to small it also isnt the best choice with a 2 bar map sensor set up and how it reacts to how the ecu reads it or something like that.

Talk to presure2/manny and he can give u the down low about y 315cc arent the best option.

however if ud like i have a set of 6 green top 315cc injectors ill sell u cheap. I got them off ebay and never used them.
with the supra injectors you will run DANGEROUSLY lean at some points. esp. if your making around 180-190whp you'll be nearing 90-95% duty cycle!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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