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Yes, i know this question has been beaten to death by everyone. But, I am doing it and would just like some advise from more toyota smart people out there. I have purchased most of what i feel would be nesecary for the turbo job to be done smart and safe, bu twant opinions on anything else i may need to make my job better/easier to handle. I have the following:

ct26 single entry turbo
3sgte manifold
3sgte oilpan
3sgte intake and tvis plate (probably not oing to use)
Supra Turbo injectors 440 (denso #23250-42010)
Extra fuel rail
Greddy Emanage
Emanage injector harness
Emanage ignition harness
Emanage pres. sensor and harness 2 bar
Emanage support tool& cd
Ebay bov
Factory internal wastegate
Cometic steel headgasket
Extra factotry 5sfe ECU

Now i know i still need an intercooler and piping, I am also going to have the head ported and polished when i pull it off. Also know i should replace my clutch and am looking into which one to buy right now. But wasnt sure if the injesctors will fit and if need any more to make them work properly. i know i havent included the little mis. parts like oil lines and stuff but please tell me whatyou think about what i hav pulled together and what i may need to get everthing in the car and running well.

I forgot to mention i am driving a 93 toyota celica with a high mileage engine
Also this is my first thread so bear with me if i sound noobish or didnt search enough on here.
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