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5th gen. is about to die :|

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91 st (go ahead, laugh) with just under 150k. Earlier in the month I had a potential transmission leak that turned out to be nothing, but for some reason this past week it's been turning over really slowly 2-3 times before it starts. It'll do it when it's been sitting overnight, but I volunteer at a place half an hour away for four hours and I've had to go twice this week and it was driving normally, started normally when I left. I didn't go anywhere yesterday and just went to leave a little while ago and it was turning really slowly again but ran fine once it was going, started to drive up the street and heard a very very light knocking when accelerating, barely audible. Definitely wasn't there before.

I'm getting it inspected tomorrow, conveniently enough, but before I go does anyone have ideas or suggestions ? The oil and other fluids are fine, I've been keeping an eye on the transmission fluid because I'm still paranoid about that. Around 9 months ago the check engine light would come on on the highway if it dropped to just below 60, but go off right away... that didn't turn out anything. Seems like it just always has something to drive me crazy with.
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Yep, it was the battery. Feel kind of silly now, but live & learn, right ? I'm not sure if it still has the original fuel pump or not, I'll have to look at the first owner's history... if it does I'll see about getting that changed.

I don't plan to get rid of it yet, if I decide to anytime soon I'll let you know.
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