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5th generation Camry LEDs and Hid (Pictures intensive).

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Replacing the dome light is easy. Pop out the cover with a flat head screwdriver and proceed to put in the LED festoon bulb.

Part# 3175_4HP_W_5K from v-leds.

Replace the map lights with LED are easy. Use a flat head screwdriver and pop off the covers, then proceed to put in LED bulbs.

Part# WLED-x5 from superbrightleds.

Replacing the vanity lights are hard. Get something that is very thin in order to pop off the cover. There is a chance that you'll break or crack the cover.

Part# VANITY_W_5K from v-leds.

Here are the FX35 bixenon HID retrofitted on the 2003 Camry. The main reason I did the retro was because I do quite a bit of night driving. I didn't take any pictures with the stock halogen lighting but we all know how shitty they are. My setup consists of the projectors pairing up with the Philip 85122+ and power by the 35W ballast.

In all, it took at least 24 hours to finish the retro. I worked on it mostly on weekends but also a couple of hours on weekdays as well. I used the JnC's mounting method and it turn out great.

I retro them on a pair of DEPO headlight housing. I don't know if the DEPO aftermarket headlight lenses are the problem or if the design of the 5th generation Camry headlight lenses in generally but the lenses messes up the sharpness, intensity, colors band and straightness of the cutoff. Someday I will get a hold of OEM lenses to swap and see if it make a difference.

I had a chance to test it out tonight and it was awesome. The projectors lid up the four lanes on the highway with ease. I am very pleased with my HID retro.

Below are a bunch of pictures to show the difference between night and day after the retro. Because of the distortion on the DEPO lenses, the cut off are not as straight and sharp as I would like. Furthermore,much of the purple and blue color band were gone, although at distance you could still see the distinctive blueish at the cut off.

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very nice! now that's HID done right :thumbsup::D

i don't think swapping the lenses with OEM will make much a difference. the curvature of the lens in the projector area just isn't conducive to a super sharp projector cutoff... it is after all designed for a halogen reflector.

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Thanks, but I saw a couple of other 5th generation Camry with HID retro and their output didn't seem to be effected by the lenses or at least not as noticeable as mine. The main issue is that the cut off are flaring so one side is actually bowing upward a bit.

Before I finished up the retro, I try moving the projectors closer and further away from the lenses but that doesn't make a difference. However, if I move the projectors vertically, then the cut off would be sharp or blur depending on the spot where the beam project through the lenses.

In the end there was no way for me to mount the projectors that high on the reflector without having the cut off blinding people.
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