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6th Gen Camry SE Gille $50 shipped

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$50 shipped 07-09 toyota camry..only thing u will have to do is sand it or scotch brite it..i will put the scotch brite pad in with it..


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also il include clear coat and primer for a extra 5 each
i want. Not willing to ship to aus? :(
PM me the info, i want u to get a SE grille..postal code?
PM sent bro
its ugly right now bc i was gonna scotch take off the paint that i put on, so buyer takes responsibility to remove the rest of the paint, i got too pissed and didnt finish :D..but pictures will come of current look
hah yeah i wana see how much work there is to be done XD
pics pleaseeee
its atleast 40 mins tops but il take a pic right now..the only reason im not painting it anymore is because metallic blue is f***ing hard to get lol
If my shop doesn't replace my SE grill from my accident, i'll buy it. Will keep you informed.
Reliable seller fellas! free bump
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1 - 20 of 28 Posts