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7 pin wiring harness

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Hi, I am new here and have currently purchased a 09 double cab 4X4. I went with the SR5 model for many reasons and now need to put on the 7 pin wiring harness. Can the factory harness or aftermarket harness be purchased some were. I have the 4 pin now but would really like the full 7 pin. I spoke with my dealer and they couldn't help me so I thought some one here could.

thanks for the help.

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welcome to TN!
crappy tire should have them, do you just want to run brakes, or also the power and back-up lights? anyways intsructions should be included, i've installed them on work trucks in the past. you'll still need the brake controller i think.
You can buy the 7 pin plug just about anywhere for <$25, but you will have to wire it. Wiring diagrams are easily found by search for "7 pin trailer" in google.
Wiring Your Taco

Go to this website:

They have virtually any wiring part for any car in production. They also have alot of videos that give you detailed instructions. Prices aren't bad, either.
the sr5's don't even come with a 7 pin????

WOW, what the hell is toyota's problem?
the sr5's don't even come with a 7 pin????

WOW, what the hell is toyota's problem?
The 7 pin connector is part of the factory tow package, which also includes a hitch receiver, oil cool, tranny cooler, higher output alternator, larger battery.

Many Tacomas without the factory tow package get the "port installed" tow package, which is just a hitch receiver and a 4 pin wire harness.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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