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Adding this Thread from my experience on another thread i started "18RC FUEL PUMP NEEDED".

So here is your 8th wonder of the world for all you thousands of Corona owners...well maybe a hand full i guess.. sorry ,got excited. From my trouble shooting in the other thread it led me to pull the tank and drain it,

Bone dry, the tank is approx. 13 gallons.
On E you have used approx. 10 gallons.
so yep! you got approx. 3 gallons left to find you a gas station

Other tid-bits:
There are 3 lines going into the tank(these are on the passenger side of the car). As you are facing the front of the tank(lying underneath the car, your head is at the axle/ rear end. The right line (1) (towards the drivers side) goes to the fuel pump. the left line(2) is the return line coming from fuel pump. the line running up (3) into the trunk goes into a buss bar with 3 vent lines that run down into top of the tank. This comes from the charcoal canister under the hood.
There is no fuel strainer/sock in the tank. Line (1) inside the tank curves down and stops about 1/8th" before the bottom of the tank (this sucks fuel from the pump). how the line is angled down there is no way to put a sock on it. so make sure you have a fuel filter right before the pump. This is why when you go to the parts store they have no listing. Although just for "S" an giggles there is a in tank strainer for a 75 Celica(guess this is when they started putting tank strainers in)
Return Line (2) going inside the tank is just open and it stops right inside(it dumps excess fuel from the pump back into the tank)
Line (3) is the emissions vapor going back inside the tank, it goes thru a plastic buss housing located on the pass. side fender well inside the trunk(1 inlet, 3 outlets)

inside the tank and the fuel sending unit were like brand new. no gunk or garbage inside the tank.. luckily.

Well! there you go, all detailed for you😆 i figured i have helped the 1 other last enthusiast with the same kind of Corona out. Sorry for no pics but if you need i can get with no problem.
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