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This is just a feeler. I'm trying to get prices before we sell this, so It will NOT be sold right away, just seeing whether it might be wanted or not. My brother and I are not historians, but we have gathered that it is around 78-81, it is a game ball, and it is signed by the whole team, including Vince Dooley, Herschel Walker, and many many others. The condition is not the best but we are getting a case for it soon. We believe it was a game ball, because of the condition it is in today, because it has been handle carefully since my relatives got it. Make an offer based on what you think, it won't be sold right away, but when the times comes to sell this I will get in touch with you.Cheers!

Top View: You can plainly see Vince Dooley's autograph, among many others.

Bottom View: You can't see it but in the top lefthand corner Herschel Walker signed it in a special way. He used the numbers 34 to make an H in his handwriting using his number incorporated into his name. He is the only one who has done this in that way, that we have seen.

Side View: Showing the top and side and thats its an original Wilson ball.
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