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79-81 Corona Right Front strut/spindle assembly needed

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Not really sure how else to find a donor strut spindle/assembly from a 79-81 corona - front right. Exhausted all the local salvage and looking for ideas or a miracle to find a replacement. the one I have now is bent to put camber off but not enough to hinder drivability. I just cant fit the aftermarket wheels on with one side bent the way it is.

Any ideas how I can get the word out to salvage yards across then nation about what part i need? Theres got to be at leas one spare for a 79-81 corona somewhere in the US.
thanks for any help
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turns out that the strut version of the early corona shares a TON with the celica/supra's of that period (up to 85).

78-81 celica spindle/strut tubes are a direct bolt in.

you do need to use the steering arm tho, it is bolted to the balljoint.
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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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