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7A-FE valvetrain noise?

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Hi guys, I just got done rebuilding my 7A-FE engine and I noticed that at idle its somewhat noisy from the engine bay. With the hood popped it sounds like its coming from the valvetrain area, like around the valve cover/intake manifold noise. I'll have to get a video up of it. It's not a grinding noise or anything like that, it just sounds like the valvetrain itself is just noisy.

Are these engines just chatty like that? I know I've heard of the 1zz being somewhat noisy.
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Check your valve lash?
If you just got done rebuilding your 7A-FE, that tells me you did the work. Did you check your valve lash (clearance) when you put it together? You may have some of the solid spacers mixed up with other valves, causing this problem if you didn't. You should check valve lash, as what is more concerning are those with too much (too tight) of clearance that are quiet - they might not be closing properly and if an exhaust valve, they won't last long.

If you have a shop or rebuilder do your engine, ask for a copy of the final valve lash readings prior to buttoning up the assembly. That will tell you a lot.

These are solid lifter engines, so some noise is normal. You don't want a perfectly quiet solid lifter engine.
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