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7afe head convertion

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I have a 93 corolla and i was thinking about doing the head convertion off of a 4age head. I wanted to know how hard it would be to do and and pieces i need besides the head and a 944 timing belt and crank pully of the 4age block .
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an ecu that would work with it..... a radiator that fits the radiator hoses (or an adapter from an fx16 gts), a distributor that works with the 4age head and whatever ecu you use.....
thanx alot but i had heard that the stock 4age ecu would work just fine.
yeah, either one of your ecu's (7afe, or 4age) should work fine, but i'd trust toyotaspeed90
ok... if you want to use a 4age ecu... then you need the 4age wiring harness (and you need the ecu that matches the 4age head you use... bigport and smallport ecu's are different)... then you'll have to customize the harness to the rest of the car to work with the 4age harness.... then you will also need to change some wiring (extend the starter wires, extend the alternator wires etc...)... there also is no header that will fit, that i know of.. a 4afe and 7afe headers are different... and a 4age also uses different headers... you would need a 4age upper portion, and it would need to be lengthened to reach around the taller 7a block.... you'll also need the AFM for the 4age... and if you get a bigport, you'll need all of the t-vis stuff
thanx very much on the info im getting started this week and i cant wait to do it
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