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so just getting some more opinions here....thanks for the help already;)

ordered a head gasket set yesterday for my '90 cressy. should be here tomorrow. got it from the dealer, so its the revised OEM HG. everything i read says 'use at least 70 ft-lbs or all hell will break loose! again!'. well not exactly, but close enough:lol: whats the general consensus between the cressy and mk3 supra owners? will 70 prevent future premature HG failure? does this work with the OEM HG or is this more for the metal HG's?

secondly, since the mechanic is going that deep into the engine anyways, i'l giving him a few other maintence jobs to do. he's very honest and would charge next to nothing besides parts (if necessary) if he's already going in there. so far on my list looks like this (in some order)

1. flush radiator - it has to be drained and removed anyways, so why not?

2. check/replace timing belt - no idea when it was last done. there's a date written on the cover, but god knows what that is. could be from a wreckers for just a repalcement cover for all i know.

3. clean any carburization from cylinder heads/walls using a wire brush - thanks to the online MK3 TSRM.

4. is it worthwhile to check/clean valves? what about valve lash?

5. anything to add on the list of 'while you're in there'?

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The only way to garauntee that it wont fail again is to never start it again but 70+ ftlbs, new OEM gasket, decked block/head or at least well cleaned will certainly go a long way to helping prevent it.

1. Yes. (Actually, it doesnt have to be removed: HG can be replaced without removing the block but it's much harder to clean the block surface. Even removing the engine doesnt NEED it to be removed...its just a really good idea.)
2. Yes
3. Yes (Carbonization not carburization, very different)
4. Yes, Definitely if hes got it that far apart and is giving you a good deal.
5. Fuel filter, head cleaning (ports) clean EGR passages. If he's taking the whole engine out, just generally clean up and check all the wiring is still secure and decent. Power steering flush...if you can think of it, you get the idea
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