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As a very happy 6th and current 7.5 generation Camry driver, I think the 8th generation Camry is going to be the best ever! Reliability is what keeps me driving Toyota.

Toyota was so smart keeping the current engine configuration for so long and not joining the direct injection/turbo bandwagon thus ensuring long-term reliability vs a handful of increased EPA ratings and power to the ground through a CVT.

I kinda got smart this weekend on direct injection intake valve carbon buildup and it is an eye opener if not a nightmare, especially for BMW and AudiWagon folks!

So, if Toyota drops in a 8AR-FTS turbo four, I think issue is solved, including intercooling? Supposedly, Lexus builds their own turbo (very interesting read) while other manufacturers source from outside … I say brilliant!

I surmise a lot of CEO’s from competitors going here in 2018

Why is this brand new 2015 XLE going up in price weekly?

Moral of story ... Crown the Camry:smile:
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