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'82 celica/supra L-back info

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My friend just bought a celica/supra and i was just wondering what there is you can do with it im personally a nissan fan but i have much respect for toyotas (especially the 2jz) and i just wanted some help, its kinda beat but does anyone know of any quick easy upgrades mayber some swap ideas, any general info like is it injected? i have no idea help me out folks, any is welcome! help us turn it into the drift machne we know it can be! peace
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oh and does anyone know of any good sites for kits and replacement parts?
hey.. i'm a fellow mkII supra owner.... check out .

we have a forum there and alot of people there have done turbo applications on the current 5mge's and engine swaps to the newer 7mgte's and 6mge's. there is also people working on projects with the 1 and 2jz's. Take a day and read alot of the threads and you'll get alot of info........

oh and just a warning... do a search before you post... they get kinda pissy repeating the same topics over and over.

but they are great guys and gals there.
ty for the celica supra site but i dont think this is an MKII it doesnt have the popup headlights it has the ones that rotate up a little more and it has a 22R engine in it and the chassis code is and RA64 so if anyone knows what that is tell me i hope those details help this is where i got the codes for the id plate:
and this is a pic:
yep... just a celica.... look at the side turn signal lights.... compare them to mine.

thats definately a celica. not a bad car... but no supra ;)
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