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82 Corona
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I'm through playing with her. Too many other things to do than rebuild an engine. Remodeling a rental, have to tear down a Kawasaki Mule engine that a guy rebuilt and set the timing wrong, it's also coyote killing season, lots on my list.
Was running fine. I parked her, then went to fire her up in the morning and no start. WTH, I have spark, I have fuel, she won't fire. ???? Pulled the plugs and brought her to TDC, and the distributor is way off. I imagine a tensioner let go.
I think I'll sell her as is, but not here in California cause there's no way I can smog her. Good condition, R-12 A/C works good and cold and a couple extra cans go with it if ever needed. radio doesn't work. interior fair. Tires great brakes about 2000 miles, new radiator.
Hate to send her to the boneyard.
How much should I ask for her?o_O
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