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82 X6 Question

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Is it possible to swap an X7 IRS rear end into an 82 X6?

I'd think X7 rear ends would be easier to find, if they do fit, for an IRS replacement in an early model X6.
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I don't think it's a drop in swap but I've never looked under to compare.
An MX63 Sedan IRS would be an easy fit.
If you are in the US, this would be a better choice.
If you are in Australia (like me) then the MX63 was never sold here :(

I measured up a 1980 RA40 Celica and a 1983 MA61 Supra and found that they have the same chassis rails.

Since the MX73 has close enough to the same rear end as the MA61, there is a reasonable chance that the MX62 chassis rails are also compatible.

The IRS is mounted on a K-frame.
This K-frame is mounted to the chassis rails by 4 bolts.
Measure the positions of the bolts (including height) and see if the MX62 rails are close enough to these measurements so that you can drill 4 new holes to hold the K-frame.
You will also have to remove the panhard rod.
It will also probably involve a swap to rear disc brakes, which requires a change to the proportioning valve.

- Stepho
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so then an MX63 IRS rear DOES work in an MX62, as long as I have all of the frames and brackets and stuff needed?

that's what i figured, but i also thought that it with all of the solid rear mounts for bars and springs and stuff, it wouldn't work.
Yep, MX62 and MX63 have the same rear chassis rails.
Cut off whatever gets in the way (eg panhard rod mount).
Just be sure to measure everything first because there is no going back once they are cut.
Also, make sure those holes are perfect symmetrical with respect to the centreline of the car or it will forever pull to the side.

Are you in "WA"shington, USA or "W"estern "A"ustralia?

- Stepho
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