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83 Corolla repower

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I am looking on what fuelinjected forced induction Toyota engines will be able to bolt up to the stock trans. (rear wheel drive). I am not having a problem with the stock engine right now (164,xxx miles) but would like to purchase engine and computer etc before I need it!

Thanks Rico
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the 4agze would probably be your best bet. it will bolt up to your trans and will give plenty of power. you could put a 3sgte in there but you would have to do a lot of modifications. a turbocharged 3tc would also be a good choice because there are a lot of hop up parts available.
be aware that there are a lot of modifications that would have to be made to put a fuel injected motor in to a carbed car, like wiring and installing a fuel pump, but the results are well worth the performance increase.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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