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'83 Mojave SR-5

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....just bought a '03 Tacoma w/only 6k on it but I've been the only
owner of an '83 Gold Mojave SR-5 longbed that's in mint condition.
She's got almost 400k on the odo but had a used engine with 40K
put in at around 200...original engine head got warped after heater hose

Am I correct in understanding that the Mojave SR-5 package was a limited
production run? If there's someone out there who knows about this model
I'd appreciate some info on what it's worth in the used market out there.
The interior is spotless with NO cracks in dash, only a small cut in the
driver-side cloth bucket. ..has matching color cab-high GT-Spoiler
topper and bedliner. Cruise control, AC, radio....all work.

Thanks in advance.

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