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I have a spark, but i dont smell fuel when i try and start the car. it turns over and everything, i think it might be the fuel pump. i put starter fluid in the air intake and it started up and sounded OK. i tried to short the fuel pump check connector to see if i could hear fuel running through the lines and i didnt hear anything, but im not 100% sure that was the fuel pump check connector. what do u guys think? fuel pump? best place to buy it and is it worth doing it myself to save money on labor?

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Disconect the fuel line and feed it into a large container.
Have a friend crank the engine for a couple of seconds.
If fuel comes out of the fuel line then the pump is okay.

If the pump is bad then check the fuel pump relay.
Quite often the ground (body) connection for the relay is corroded and doesn't pass electricity well.
The circuit diagrams are in the back of the Haynes Celica RWD manual.
Buy this and it will tell you where all the relays, pumps, fuses, etc are and the colours of the wires between them.

- Stepho
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