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85 pickup overheating

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I have an 85 2wd efi longbed pickup,everything is pretty right mechanically but the engine has started overheating under mild strain on hot days , a friend suggested buying a new radiator is that smart? ://
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the only time you would need a new radiator would be that the old one is leaking could be an internal leak but still a leak. i can recomend checking the thermostat and try flusing out the radiator might have some sludge and rust bits in it. if you flush it and find lots of metal bit a blade might have broken off from the water pump and you might need the pump replaced. also the fan blade has a clutch on it that might have gone bad. or your friend is right and you need a new radiator ... just wanted you to know everything else that could be bad before you replace something that doesnt need replacing
Dear chronoti thanks for your quick reply, I have flushed the radiator and the fan clutch, etc. is good, my friend sugested that with age the volume of water passing through the radiator would be less from corrosion or whatever. Also I want to use a cabover camper and am afraid of overheating.
The motor's in good shape and I have checked all the obvious things. Its a problem and I have to put on the heater to keep the engine cool at times.
85 PU overheated noe no start

My 85 PU was getting to hot without running the heater on high at all times. Tried everything except a new timing belt and water pump. Let my freind drive it and he ran it without the heater and and had triple AAA tow it home to me. It stiill turns over but won't start. Where do I begin to troubleshoot. Blew thr radiator hose when it shut down on him. How do i get to the belt? where is that belt? Can someone please reply! I am used to Fords and Chevy's but I love my little truck! 22R 2366cc 2WD...Thanks
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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