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Hey guys first time using a forum. I've been working on a 1985 basket case that was brought to me a couple of weeks ago.
Have completed complete reconstruction of front end, drive shaft, E-brake cable, throttle cable, bearings, brakes (calipers, rotors, lines, wheel Cylinders, master cylinder, all bushings, torsion bar seals and setup is complete.)
My question for anyone is where do I find decent electrical schematics for this year. As some meth addicted idiot got his hands on the electrical system and I'm dealing with pretty much a rat's nest. Any heads up to where I can find PDF files or books doesn't matter to me, where I can get exploded views of were all the vacuum lines run to and what each and every vacuum servo needs to do and how to test it.
I had one of these trucks 20 years ago but I disposed of my Haynes repair books many moons ago I looked at the new ones and they have very little useful information in them.
The motor had a blown head gasket and a Warped head, no thermostat, excessive rust in engine l got it cleaned up rebuilt head and have reassembled the engine. The aforementioned meth head had jury-rigged lots of stuff, so now trying to reconstruct engine bay.
Just wanna make sure I do it right.

Any help you guys could send would be greatly appreciated thanks.
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